How to Draw a Tiger

How to draw a tiger

Hello friend’s I’m back with a new drawing that is How to Draw a Tiger. Tiger is a wild animal. As you know we always give you the best and easy instructions to make your animals perfect, as same today I’ll tell you how to draw a perfect tiger just to follow those simple step by step method which is given below. We tried our best to make it easy for you. So let’s not waste the time and scroll down this page and follow the instructions below and start your drawing. If there you face any problems you can also watch the video and follow those steps which I upload below just for you people. For More Animals Drawing you can visit the main page.

How to Draw a Tiger

Before starting the drawing of the tiger just make sure you have all thing that we need to draw a Tiger, and that is a plain white paper, a pencil, a rubber, and a colors box. If you find any confusion you can ask us in the comments section. We’ll try to solve your problem and suggest you more ideas.

How to draw a tiger

How to Draw a Tiger For Kids:

Step 1:

Firstly draw a circle on the top left side of the page for the head of the tiger and draw plus(+) sign in this circle and on the right side draw a big circle for the body and at the same right side draw one more circle for the back.

How to draw a tiger Step 1

Step 2:

Draw a half oval on the top of the head of both sides and draw lines to both corners. Draw a circle on the face to make his mouth.

Step 3:

In this step draw a curve line to make the body of the tiger and draw a line likes W to make the mouth. Follow the blue lines below.

Step 4:

Make a half oval on both lower sides of the body to make legs. And draw two oval shapes to make his paws. Follow the below picture.

Step 5:

In these steps draw curved lines to make the legs of the tiger and draw his paws. See the blue lines and draw the same way.

Step 6:

Draw an oval on the left side of his chest, and make one side edge. As the same above make the paws.

Step 7:

In this step draw curved lines to give the perfect shape of his legs.

Step 8:

Draw eyes and nose and on the right, the backside draws a curved line to make the tail. Also, draw the curve lines below side to make the grass.

Step 9:

In the last remove all useless lines and draw the inner lines to enhance the tiger.

Step 10:

Color your tiger.

For video you can visit YouTube Channel

This was the complete guide of How to Draw a Tiger in 10 easy steps. If you want to check more animals drawing then visit the main page of this website.

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