How to Draw a Penguin

Here we come with a new lesson and that is about how to draw a Penguin. There are some kids who want to draw a Penguin but they don’t have an idea how to draw and what to do first and you are looking for a realistic drawing of penguin then you can follow these steps which are given below. There is also a video on this website so you can also geo it to drawing. For a video, you need to scroll down the page. For more Animals drawing you can simply visit the main page of our website. In this, I’ll tell you how to draw a Penguin. So here we go.

How to Draw a Penguin

Penguin’s drawing is so simple and easy but it requires little practice to make it attractive. So you can simply follow these steps method and draw you penguin easily with fun and joy. To make this you need a white plain paper, a pencil and a rubber. Let’s start it.

How to Draw a Penguin For Kids:

Step 1:

Firstly you can draw a circle on the plain page for the face and below that draw an oval for the body after that draw curved lines on both sides of the body to draw the hands.

How to Draw a Penguin Step 1

Step: 2

Draw an oval shape in the middle top of the face to make his eye and on left draw curved line to make beak of the penguin, And draw a curved line between face and neck. As same draw curved lines to the end of the body to make legs. Follow the picture below.

How to Draw a Penguin Step 2

Step 3:

Shade the eye to make eyeball and draw a line upper side of the eye to make the forehead and set his beak follow the below instruction. Draw curve lines to make hands. Now draw L shape to make paws follow the instructions below.

How to Draw a Penguin Step 3

Step 4:

Darken the lines to make it perfect. Draw curved line stared right upper sideline of the forehead and ended it to the neck. Follow the darken lines below.

Step 5:

Shaded the main areas and darken the lines to make it perfect.

Step 6:

Removed all useless lines n darken the shades to enhance the picture and make it beautiful.


This is all about How to Draw a Penguin for Kids in 6 easy steps. If you want more videos or drawing then you can visit the main page of this website.

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