How to Draw a Dog

How to Draw a Dog Step 8

Those who are looking for How to Draw a Dog easily can check the step by step procedure from the below side. Animal drawing is fun for students. No one is perfect and no one born with drawing skills so this is the main reason that you should learn drawing before doing. In this article, we are going to help you in making a Dog’s sketch. To make a perfect dog for your homework or assignment, we have shared a video at the end of this article so that if you want to check how our professionals create this dog by using these simple methods. For More Animals Drawing you can visit the main page. 

How to Draw a Dog

Those who have just started making drawing can make a Dog’s Sketch by following the below step by step method. We have also shared the complete method of how to draw a realistic dog with a pencil step by step. If you find any confusion then you can ask through comments. And if you want to get a complete step by step method of any animal drawing then you can comment on any page of Animals Drawing. So by not wasting your time let’s have a look at the complete method of creating this dog.

How to Draw a Dog Step by Step:

Step 1:

In the first step of creating this dog, you need to draw two parallel lines in order to make the nose of the dog. If you are confused then create the same design as we have created in the below image.

Step 2:

In the second step, you need to create the head and the ear of the dog. For this, start a line from the end of the upper line and make a shape as we highlighted in the below picture.

Step 3:

In the third step of creating the drawing, you need to draw the back of the dog. For this, you need to draw a similar line as we have drawn in the below image.

Step 4:

The half dog has been created now draw the lower or front part of the dog. In order to create the neck and chest of the dog, draw a 7 shape as shown in the below picture.

Step 5:

Now draw the tongue. Also, draw two shapes including ) and C shape to make the legs.

Step 6:

Now make the feet and front leg of the dog. We have also helped you by sharing the below image.

Step 7:

In this step, you need to draw the tail of the dog. Also, draw the second front leg.

Step 8:

The overall sketch of the dog is ready but wait a minute you haven’t drawn the eyes of the dog. Draw a perfect eye and also highlight the other parts like the nose and nails of the dog.

If you want to get more drawing ideas than visit the main page of this website. This was the method of How to Draw a Dog Step by Step. We will also share some other drawing methods for creating a perfect dog at home.

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