How to Draw a Crow

How to Draw a Crow Step 8

So friends here we’re with a new drawing that is How to Draw a Crow. If you want to draw a Crow but you face some difficulties to draw a crow then you don’t need to worry about that we’re here and we can solve your problem. And guide you to draw a Crow easily step by step. In this, we share the complete steps pictures and a video for the kids who love to make a drawing of Crow. If you want to watch a video then you can simply visit our YouTube channel. YOu can learn Animals drawing by following our Pinterest page. So are you ready to draw a Crow? If yes then you follow these steps of Crow drawing.

How to Draw a Crow

Before moving the main part those who just started to make drawing can make a Crow sketch very easily by following these steps. And if you find any confusion you can ask through comments. so now let’s don’t waste your time and check below and follow these steps to draw a Crow easily.

How to Draw a Crow Step by Step:

Step 1:

First of all, make a circle shape on a white plain paper to draw a crow’s face. And right below the circle, you can draw an oval shape to make the body. On this oval draw another half oval and make its edges.

How to Draw a Crow Step 1

Step 2:

In this step, you have to draw an arc on the left side of the circle in order to make the beak. You can follow the blue arc given in the picture to make it accurate.

How to Draw a Crow Step 2

Step 3:

In this step you need to draw the feet’s of the crow, to make feet’s you need to draw a rectangular shape and make it curved from one side and make an edge to the other side follow the blue shape given below.

How to Draw a Crow Step 3

Step 4:

To make Crow’s body clearly, you need to draw the neck and body with the help of the initial drawing of the body given below.

How to Draw a Crow Step 4

Step 5:

Now draw lines to make perfect feet. Follow the picture below.

How to Draw a Crow Step 5

Step 6:

In this step draw the wings. To draw wings, you need to use the first half of the body and draw a curved line as given in the picture. Also, draw a curved line in the lower side to make the perfect wing.

How to Draw a Crow Step 6

Step 7:

In this step, you can draw the eyes on the upper left side of the head. You need to draw a circle shape.

To make feet’s you can follow the steps in the picture given below.

How to Draw a Crow Step 7

Step 8:

At last, you need to make it clear. To remove all the extra lines that you draw for the guidance. Re-draw the crow to give final look.

How to Draw a Crow Step 8

This is the complete procedure of how to draw a crow in 8 easy steps. So if you enjoyed this drawing then let us know through comments. You can also tell us what should we draw next. So stay connected with us for amazing drawings.


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